Cathie Davies

Operations Manager

Cathie has worked as the Operations Manager for Norfolk Community Arts since 2007.  Before that she was the Events Co-ordinator at Norwich City Council, and before that a Residential Social Worker.  At Norwich City Council she was part of the team that delivered the Norwich Lord Mayor’s Procession, consolidating her love for carnival and carnival arts.  One of her favourite projects with NORCA has been the Carnival Archive, working in partnership with the UK Centre for Carnival Arts to gather photos, memories and memorabilia from carnivals around Norfolk.

Cathie had cello and piano lessons when she was younger too, something she has returned to recently, learning cello with one of Sistema’s tutors.   She loves to be creative, and always has a crafting or art project/idea on the go.  And she also loves sport – she represented Great Britain (and Wales) in fencing, completed ten triathlons, was a 2012 Olympic Games Maker, and once cycled 320 miles from Norwich to Swansea (her hometown) to raise money for Sistema in Norwich!  Cathie’s biggest regret is not to have played rugby for Wales!

First gig: Sham 69

Favourite piece of music 1: the Welsh National Anthem of course!

Favourite piece of music 2: The Swan by Camille Saint Saens

The book about my life would be called:  “A life in 10 Risk Assessments!”