David Ingham

Wind Tutor

David studied the oboe at music college … many moons ago.  He started playing the saxophone whilst at college and ended up playing in various Reggae, Funk/Soul and Rock bands.  Before he moved to East Anglia he was a woodwind tutor for the Inner London Education Authority for many years.

Now he plays in various jazz bands and writes material for The Dave Ingham Group – they have just released their first album – www.davidingham.co.uk.

David says, “I never knew what I wanted to be when I was young, but I started at music college when I was 18.  ​I can’t remember exactly which was the first gig I went to … I think it was either Led Zeppelin, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer or … Leonard Cohen​.  If I could choose a superpower it would it be time travel.”