Jose Carlos Ferreira “Duda”

Curriculum Tutor (Samba)

Duda grew up in the suburbs of São Paulo, Brazil, and started working at the age of twelve years old.  He went to the Public University and studied Law, and worked for two years as a lawyer, but left this job to dedicate his time to “Moleque de Rua”, the band he created whose members were children and teenagers from his neighbourhood.  The band lasted 27 years, recorded seven albums, took part in films, and performed many gigs in Brazil and Europe.  His wife, Louise Robbins, is British and comes from Norwich.

Duda says, “the first gig I attended was the First Latin American Rock n Roll Festival, in São Paulo, Brasil, in 1975.  I love lots of music.  One piece is the song, “Carinhoso” written in 1917 by Pixinguinha and João de Barro, both Brazilian composers.  I also love the Beatles.

I have, actually, written a book about part my life.  It’s called “Moleque de Rua” (Street Kid), and tells the story of the band I started that had this name.  It’s members were children and teenagers from a poor area in my district in São Paulo, Brazil. But I don’t have confidence to publish the book yet.”