Stephen Morris


I have been a Music Teacher for over 10 years, working across schools in Cambridge and as Director of Music at an international school in Shanghai. My own experience as a violinist and chorister led me to train as a conductor from the age of 17 and fuelled my passion for ensemble music. Whilst an undergraduate, I was awarded a scholarship to study for a year abroad in Pennsylvania which introduced me to the pedagogy and instrument method courses used to inform the ensemble programmes across the USA. As a teacher I continue to combine my interest in ensemble music and music technology alongside general music education; this had led to my collaboration on innovative research projects which include teaching musical composition through computer coding (Cambridge), and engagement-led approach to music education (Juilliard). I am currently studying for a Master’s in Education Management at King’s College London, and my research is focused on digitally-mediated music education, and notions of social justice in music education. My belief in the power of community arts and music for social justice are what led me to Norfolk Community Arts (NORCA), and I look forward to supporting the organisation moving forward.