Norwich Summer Sessions – 4D Jones

Gentleman's Walk

1.15pm, 2.30pm, 3.45pm


An East Anglian institution, 4D Jones have been tearing up the Rhythm & Blues rule book for many decades and show no sign of settling down anytime soon. Taking their cue from the British Blues and Beat Boom of the 60s, they throw eclectic, unexpected and downright odd ingredients into their twisted musical stew.

Don’t be surprised to find Howlin’ Wolf hunkering down with Kate Bush in the middle eight of a slide guitar groover, and Connie Francis cosying up to Nick Cave in a baritone ballad! You’ll always have a unique and hugely enjoyable time with this bunch of beat fanatics.¬†

‘Such a tight, great and fun band belting out songs that they love and the audience love’ – Richard Shashaman√©, Norwich Blog