Norwich Summer Sessions – Able Mabel

London Street

4pm, 5.15pm, 6.30pm


Able Mabel is a character comedy show. Her street show combines comedy, terrible tricks and poor attempts at magic tricks! Secretly a consummate professional, she plays the part of a chaotic street entertainer, using all her wit and charm to win over the crowd and laugh off her “mistakes.”

Able Mabel’s act includes acrobatics, juggling, magic and a lot of good-natured humour. The audience won’t be able to help giggling along at Mabel’s mishaps. There’ll be miraculous disappearances and accidental reappearances. There’ll be costume malfunctions and sticky tape tangles. But there’ll also be some incredible balancing acts, jaw dropping juggling and the most endearing audience interaction you’ve ever seen. The UK’s most delightful street entertainer always needs volunteers, but they’re paid handsomely in hat-wearing and five minutes of fame. Able Mabel’s show is an outstanding piece of family entertainment – catch it if you can.

Norwich Summer Sessions street theatre is programmed in partnership with Covent Garden Entertainment.