Norwich Summer Sessions – Dan the Hat

London Street

4pm, 5.15pm, 6.30pm


Dan The Hat’s comedy show consists of a frenzy of silly stunts, comedy and juggling tricks.

Dan’s performance is very interactive with audience participation (whether they like it or not!)

From the outset, Dan wows any audience with supreme Yo-yo skills, awesome hat manipulation and juggling with finesse.

Ball spinning, slick Diabolo, impressive juggling and the one and only ‘Cups and Spoons’, his variety of tricks are never ending!

He shouts, he laughs… sometimes he even cries. Lots of fun bound together in a daring attempt to rid the world of the mundane!

This comedy street show is the perfect entertainment for all types of events and will be sure to have your guests in fits of laughter!

Norwich Summer Sessions street theatre is programmed in partnership with Covent Garden Entertainment.