Norwich Summer Sessions – Finn Collinson & Archie Churchill-Moss

St Gregory's Green

4.30pm, 5.45pm, 7pm


Finn Collinson is a recorder player, multi-instrumentalist, folk musician and composer based in Suffolk. Widely regarded as one of the foremost recorder players on the English folk circuit, Finn has released two solo albums, Call To Mind (2019) and The Threshold (2022), to critical acclaim. Although fundamentally folk in approach, Finn often draws on elements of early music to sculpt his distinctive sound. Traditional dance tunes meet melodies by the likes of Purcell and Van Eyck, shaken up in striking new arrangements and brought up to date with Finn’s own compositions and trademark recorder style. For this performance, Finn will be joined on stage by one of the scene’s most in-demand players, Archie Churchill-Moss (guitar, diatonic accordion), for a rare two-piece show.

“Collinson has both the chops and the vision to take his music in many directions” – RNR Magazine

“Finn is regarded as a leading exponent of the recorder, and deservedly so. Hearing it played as well as it is here, makes me wonder why it’s not heard more in folk music.”  – Folking

His ability to weave tradition and modernity results in an album that feels both familiar and innovative.” (on The Threshold – Blokfluitist (NL)

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