Norwich Summer Sessions – Obase-Aboli

Hay Hill

4.15pm, 5.30pm, 6.45pm


Obase-Aboli  is the Heart that speaks to Hearts through Music.  He plays the double 22 keys West African Balafon and sings about his life and his journey with Music, Pan-Africanism and the World. His soothing voice resonates from a deep place of struggle, survival and bravery but above all, his love for humanity.  

Growing up steeped in African music and composing music, particularly for chors, he developed a love of Jazz and other genres of music from the African continent including, Amekoko, Makosa, Agbadja, Rhumba and many more.  In 2016, he moved to Ghana where he added Ghanaian High life to his repertoire.

Obase-Aboli has two albums to his credit ‘ETAPO’ and ‘UJHASUMA AFRICA’. He tours with his own eight-piece group called Ban’tikar-The African Spy band. Obase-Aboli has worked with Salif Keita and Les Ambassador du Hotel Bamako from Mali, Fred Wesley and Pee wee Elis (of James Brown) the Kronos Quartet, Just a Band from Kenya, Lassana Diabate from Mali, Gyedu-Blay Ambulley, Bessa Simons, and Akablay from Ghana and many more. 

For Norwich Summer Sessions Obase-Aboli will be performing with a trio of Balafon/Guitar, Cello and Bass.

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